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Lorenza Chiarappa


The 8 Service Team is pleased to announce Lorenza Chiarappa as our November Student of the Month. Lorenza has a warm and caring personality that is evident to everyone at Hudson Middle School. Early in the school year, we noticed her positive interactions in the hallways; she is always surrounded by many friends as she walks between her classes. When inside the classroom, while collaborating in a group setting, she always goes out of her way to make others feel welcome. Lorenza is one of the warmest and caring people we have ever had at Hudson Middle School.

Lorenza also volunteers her time to help others both in the classroom and outside of school. She makes it a point to become involved whenever possible to make Hudson Middle School a better place. She was the first student on our team to offer her time and energy to help with the USO service project and asked if she could help pack the USO Care Packages for our troops stationed overseas. We selected Lorenza for a variety of reasons: hard work, dedication, strong academics, a caring personality, and for her involvement in school activities. We are so fortunate to have Lorenza Chiarappa on our team this year and as our representative for our November Student of the Month.

Lorenza takes the extra second to make a difference at Hudson Middle School. Her teachers wish to recognize her effort and talents by honoring her as this month’s Student-of-the-Month!