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Bob FruchterBob Fruchter

Bob accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savor at 9:03pm March 30, 1993 immediately after reading a Christian tract a friend gave him earlier in the day. Bob was trained to share his faith by evangelist Bill Fay (“Share Jesus Without Fear”). “It's an easy and compelling way to share the message of God's love and saving grace through Jesus,” Bob shares.

He is the founder of David's Goliaths (DG) Films & David's Goliaths Sports. The vision for both companies is to impact culture through two of the major mountains of today's culture. As a high school athlete and a lifetime lover of sports and the role it has in shaping our youth, Bob provides the organization and vision for DG. The company provides a platform to share how the love of Jesus has dramatically impacted his life.

After receiving a significant financial gift in 2009 from supporters of his script Pie in the Sky, Bob launched DG Films and Sports June 1, 2009 and retired in 2012 from running his advertising and media relations firm to pursue his desire to minister to children and impact the culture through sports and film. Currently, Bob owns 100% of the rights to the script.

In his role at DG Sports, Bob leverages his 30 year public relations career crafting CEO and corporate stories and procuring local, regional, and national media exposure from The Today Show & CNN to The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

Bob's role in DG Films is Creative Director and writer.

Bob's grandfather was a high profile Vaudeville "player" and was in movies with Boris Karloff, Douglas Fairbanks Junior, his good friend Buster Keaton, and many others. He was a founding performer in the Syncopating Sherwoods, the "Beatles" of the Roaring Twenties. Each member had to be a soloist vocalist, Broadway level actor, orchestra quality musician, and an improvisational dancer. The group was booked two years out from New York to Los Angeles throughout the Roaring Twenties.

The apple fell a bit away from the tree as Bob is tone deaf and can't dance but the genetic spawn morphed a bit into creative writing. In 1998 Bob gave final decision making power to his hand-picked CEO of his first production company, iGn. Against Bob's wishes, the CEO forced Bob to hold out for a big screen offer for his first movie, Santa's Winter Wonderland, turning down a Sunday Night Movie of the Week offer from Robert Redford's Production Company (Producer Patrick Markey, A River Runs Through It, The Joy Luck Club, The Horse Whisperer). Bob then struck out on his own and lost the rights to his first movie script.

In August 2016 Bob registered with the Screen Writers Guild his most recent movie, Just My Dreamer. The movie is inspired by the role basketball has played in his family's life and its creation in 1892.

Bob resides in Bainbridge, Ohio with his wife and four sons.


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