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DG warriors Basketball Coaching Staff WEST


Mike Pissini, West Side Director of Basketball
Will Williams, Director of Recruiting: Players & Coaches
Tom Muntean
Sam Lombardo
Victor Jackson, Director of Training
Joe Bielanski
Paige Dapsis
Dave Bielak

Mike Pissini

Mike Pissini

Coaching Experience:
2015-16 St. Alberts/CYO: HS Girls Basketball
2014-15 N. Royalton HS: Freshmen Boys Basketball
2012-13 N. Royalton HS: Varsity Girls Basketball Assistant
2011-13 N. Royalton MS: 8th Grade Football
2008-12 N. Royalton MS: 8th Grade Girls Basketball
2001-08 N. Royalton HS: Varsity Girls Basketball Assistant
2000-02 N. Royalton HS: Varsity Girls Volleyball Assistant
1998-00 N. Royalton HS: Varsity Girls Golf Assistant
1999-02 N. Royalton MS: 8th Grade Girls Basketball
1998-99 N. Royalton MS: 8th Grade Boys Basketball
1988-98 N. Royalton HS: Varsity Girls Basketball Assistant
1988-98 N. Royalton MS: 8th Grade Football
1987-88 Niles McKinley HS: Varsity Boys Basketball Assistant
1987-88 McDonald HS: Varsity Football Assistant
1985-87 Loudonville HS: Varsity Boys Basketball Assistant
1985-87 Loudonville HS: Varsity Football Assistant

Additional Coaching Experience:
2014-15 DG Warriors AAU Basketball
2011-14 Hoop Guru AAU Basketball
2009-11 Lake Erie Youth Basketball League
2004-08 Southern Hills Youth Football League

Basketball Coaching Experience Summary:
HS Varsity Girls Basketball Assistant 21 years
HS Varsity Boys Basketball Assistant 4 years
MS Girls Basketball 6 years
MS Boys Basketball 1 year
Travel/AAU Basketball 5 years

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Coach Will Williams

Will Williams

For 14 years, Coach Will Williams has been a mainstay on the sidelines for St. Francis-Cleveland School. While coaching the 8th grade boys team, Coach Will made four CYO Final Fours including one city championship and garnering two runner-up trophies.

This past year, Coach Will transitioned to coaching the St. Francis Lady Lions, where he took a team that was 3-17 in its past two seasons to a 9-1 record.

For his accomplishments with his players on and off the court, Coach Will Williams was inducted into the CYO Hall of Fame in 2014. He is the first African-American male in the Hall of Fame's history. Coach Will and his wife, Dana, reside in Cleveland near the St. Francis campus. He is excited to bring his philosophy of "Play Hard. Play Smart. Play Together." to DG Warriors.

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Coach Tom Muntean

Tom Muntean

Born and raised in Independence, Ohio. He played Basketball, Baseball and Football at Independence High School, along with post college intramural sports. Tom holds his MBA Degree from Ashland University and is a Director of Sales in the Logistics & Supply Chain industry. He currently resides in Broadview Heights, OH with his Wife Kristen and 3 kids: Chris, Alexis and Matthew, who all play travel AAU sports throughout NE Ohio and surrounding states.

For the past 8 years, Tom has successfully Coached 5-13 year olds in Baseball and Basketball with a Coaching philosophy and focus on fundamentals, sportsmanship and fun. He has led a variety of teams to league Championships and Playoffs.

Tom looks forward to joining the DG Warriors Family and sharing his passion for sports with the next generation of athletes.

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Sam Lombardo

Coaching Philosophy

Using the passion of today’s American athlete and the obsession America has for sports to equip the next generation to successfully lead is what drives Coach Lombardo.  He believes the foundation that makes for a strong team that competes well beyond their athletic level, comes from a depth of each player knowing, caring and trusting one another.

Sam is skilled in facilitating leadership development with emphasis in character development, assertiveness, and inspirational leadership -- enabling leaders to maximize team and organizational effectiveness.

Corporate Influence:

Athletic Influence

In 2006, Sam accepted the position of Executive Director of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes till 2015. Most recently, Sam has founded Marketplace Heroes. He has been married for 22 years to his wife Lisa and has four children, ages 20, 18, 16, and 13. To date -- by far -- his greatest sales accomplishment was to convince his wife to say yes when he asked for her hand in marriage.

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Victor Jackson

Victor Jackson
Director of Training

I played basketball since a youngster and have been coached by some of the greatest minds in the game today. By listening to coaches, I became the first freshman in 2,500 student school to start Varsity in 2006. In my first high school game, I was against a team that ended up having three NBA players and six other Division 1 basketball players, and I held my own.

Junior & Senior All-Academic, All-County, All-Section, and All-State (Honorable mention).

I received a scholarship to Manhattan College where I became the smallest Division 1 player in the NCAA. From there on, I was playing with men above six feet. Realizing I physicall wouldn't get on the court much, I discussed with my coaches how to be a more important part on the team. I was named captain Junior and Senior years and was involved in coaches' meetings and clinics that were presented at my school.

Graduated 2010: Assistant Coach at Hunter College – 1 year; Associate Head Coach at Baruch College in NY. Philosophy: teach basketball in an understandable way to youth.

Focus on fundamentals, learning the basics: footwork, spacing, being efficient, all things that are very hard to teach. There is no "I" in TEAM. Learning how to be a great individual and understanding your roll and the right way to play will make a team solid.

It's said "practice makes perfect"...wrong! If I practice the wrong/bad way then I will be good at the wrong/bad thing. "PERFECT practice makes perfect." I teach each rep must be perfect to develop great habits so the player will be able to tell right from wrong on their own. Then, in a game, the skill is second nature and instinctive.

Basketball is a very fluid game. We over-analyze things in games, but, if we have perfect practice, the game comes very easy and is a lot more fun. In the purest form, basketball is an organic entitiy with 5+ minds on the same page.

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Joe Bielanski

Joe Bielanski

"Coaching has let me interact with many different kids. It has been a true passion of mine since graduating high school. I enjoy being able to teach/coach these youngsters, not just about sports, but about life and the many obstacles it can throw at you. Respect for their parents, respect for one another and respect for their coaches, is a key component while I coach. I thrive on a tough, fundamental defensive game and a fast paced offensive game."

“It takes no talent to have respect for oneself and for the game that we play. I am very energetic and passionate about this game. If I can show these kids my passion and energy for the game, they will play with a high level of energy and passion. Hard work and dedication to your team and your family will reward you with many great relationships and opportunities.”

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Coach Paige Dapsis

Paige Dapsis

Paige Dapsis is a 2016 graduate of North Royalton High School and is currently attending Cleveland State University studying Integrated Math of Education (grades 7-12).

As a player in her Junior year, Paige formed a Varsity CYO team with her high school and AAU teammates. "This decision helped me gain an appreciation for being on a team with like-minded peers following a passion to play a game we love while dedicating their time to positively impacting children through coaching," said Paige.

"I will dedicate the love and passion I brought to playing basketball to positively affect children through coaching and teaching."

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Coach Dave Bielak

Dave Bielak


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